Best practices for a non-profit website design

Learn about non-profit website design best practices that can help you create the ideal website for your non-profit organisation.

Best practices for a non-profit website design

Learn about non-profit website design best practices that can help you create the ideal website for your non-profit organisation.

Make a powerful impression

Non-profit organisations have done amazing things all over the world, from helping those in need to protecting the environment. With the boom in internet usage, non-profit organisations now have new avenues to spread the word about their cause.

That’s why having a website can be extremely helpful for a non-profit organisation. With a good website on your side, your organisation can tell its story, expand its reach, instil a strong impression, gain attention for your cause and offer people multiple options to donate.

Of course, a lot of thought needs to be put into the design of your website if you want it to make a powerful impression and let your organisation’s cause be heard. This is where a few non-profit website design best practices can come in handy.

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Best practices for a good non-profit website design

Here are some best practices you can use when coming up with a website design for a non-profit organisation.

Write attractive web copy

One of the most important areas of website design is the web copy. Through your website copy, you want to tell visitors the story of your organisation in a compelling, meaningful and heartfelt way.

Here are a few ways to make your website copy more attractive:

  • Keep the language simple and easy to understand
  • Personalise your website copy to your target audience
  • Avoid using any kind of industry-specific jargon

Showcase your organisation’s achievements

Simply talking about your organisation’s initiatives won’t be enough to bring attention to your cause. You’ll want to show proof of what your organisation has done to make a difference, which will help website visitors see the work you’re doing.

You can do this by;

  • Adding compelling case studies for visitors to read
  • Showing stories from people that you helped
  • Sharing statistics, like the number of people you helped

Include clear CTAs

Like any website, your non-profit website design should include a Call-to-Action to tell visitors what you want them to do, such as giving a donation. In this case, your website’s CTAs must be easy to find and use.

This can be achieved by;

  • Making CTAs prominent and putting them on top of the page
  • Using compelling text, such as “Donate now” or “Make a Difference”
  • Sticking with just one or two types of Calls-to-Action

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Success stories

Here’s how we helped a non-profit organisation

Kick Ice Cocktail

Kick Ice Cocktail produces tantalising cocktail mixes made from the best Australian ingredients. They wanted a website that reflected their products so we gave it an aesthetic that perfectly communicates the fun and playful aspect of their brand.

Konnect IT

Konnect IT is a Keap integration solution that helps businesses connect their systems and applications to ensure a smooth flow of data. With our web services, we helped keep their website fast, responsive and secure.

Rossendale Australian Labradoodle

Rossendale Australian Labradoodles is a family-run breeding programme that aims to preserve the Australian Labradoodle breed. Our web services ensured that their website was easy to navigate and user-friendly for their visitors.


Youthsafe is an Australian not-for-profit organisation that aims to make communities safer for young individuals. With our web services, we took care of all technical aspects of their website to keep it running at its full potential.

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How long does it take to create a custom website for an NGO?

On average, it can take up to 240 hours to create a completely customised website for an NGO.

Should my website design for a non-profit organisation include mobile compatibility?

Yes, it should. 60% of website users browse the internet on their mobile devices. Also, optimising your website for mobile can improve user experience.

Does WebGeek offer web hosting?

Yes, we do. You can learn more about our web hosting services here.

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