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Case Study: Veterinary Consultants


​With Josh, nothing’s a problem –  he just makes it happen.

​For animal cancer specialists, the Web​Geek team needed to be in top form

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THE CLIENT: ​​Veterinary Oncology Consultants, ​​Port Macquarie, ​​NSW

​Dr Tony Moore and Dr Angela Frimberger aren’t your typical veterinarians. Instead of treating all creatures great and small in a surgery, the Port Macquarie (NSW) based husband and wife team offer a specialised consulting service: They provide more than 600 vets ​worldwide with expert advice for treating and caring for much-loved family pets with cancer. To create their reports, the cancer specialists rely on obtaining a slew of medical data from client vets. To provide the data, vets complete a form they access via the client’s website. Despite tweaks by the owners over the years, both the aging website and the all-important form urgently needed upgrading.

​THE BRIEF:  ​​build a new site, with special emphasis on ​the diagnostic form.

​Dr Frimberger asked her IT consultants, Hastings IT to recommend a web designer. Paul ​had no hesitation recommending ​us to her – after all, ​we had also built Paul’s website. The big problem was that Angela and Tony’s original site was old and built on an outdated platform​. The pages had become disorganised over time and the layout needed to be better structured and simplified. The challenge was to help Angela and Tony continue to project their high professional standing as specialist oncology veterinarians, while also showcasing the rich content they’d added to their old site over 12 years. However, because they operated remotely from their clients, the most critical thing was to update their ​online consultation form - ​their primary lead generation form. ​We worked closely with them to rebuild the form so it generated the information they required, but was also quicker and easier for busy vets to fill out.

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​THE RESULT​: ​Happy client (with lots of happy c​ustomers).

​More leads from their website due to an easier user experience that allowed their clients to complete the form faster. ​Professional presentation of their business through a modern design and simpler site structure to allow easy access to their many publications.

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​​​VMD, Diplomate ACVIM (Oncology)

​"Joshua was so easy to work with. He completely reorganised our site and made it simple for me to add new material. But, if I need Josh to do something more technical, he’s always straight onto it. He’s also made our clients happy by making it easier for them to provide the information we need first time. With Josh, nothing’s a problem – he just makes it happen.

Our site is more functional and our professional public image is more in step with the times. He’s delivered a beautiful and very cost-effective website: What more could you want from your web designer?"

​Is your website in need ​of web doctor?

​If you're website isn't mobile friendly, fast loading and easy to use for your customers then they might be going to your competitors ​instead. We can fix that!


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